Guidelines for CampOn
(Notice there is no space between Camp and On)
We are a worldwide community of miniaturists.

As a camper, you are expected to contribute within these parameters.

1. Observe standard rules of polite company. No politics, religion, personal attacks or flaming; no spam. If you disagree with something posted, wait before you post and do NOT address a specific person in a reply. Do not send hostile email to individuals when you disagree. If this should happen to you, report it: Do not gossip about or make disparaging remarks about our group to any outside forum, like Facebook. Any of these violations can result in removal from the group.

2. Avoid words like “should,” “ought,” “must.” If you have a problem, address it with an administrator, NOT in the group. And do it nicely! If you have a complaint about a company or a dealer, etc. - tone it down. The written word can have more impact than if you're just chatting with someone right next to you. We do not want to damage an individual dealer or a company.

3. No hoax or virus warnings, tangential wanderings, jokes. CampOn is a group for the discussion of miniatures and the posting of mini-related photos only. However, since we are a community, it is natural that we occasionally want or need to share some of our personal lives, as well. A subgroup for these non-mini discussions has been formed. (Anything But Minis). You must belong to CampOn to join subgroups.

4. Change the Subject Line when you change the subject. Do NOT use terms like Upping the Count; be specific. Copy only the relevant words, phrase or sentences. Avoid all caps and fancy or colored fonts, which some people find difficult to read.

5. Go here to set up your email options and set up your signature: Keep signature lines brief; 4 lines is reasonable. This is not the place to exhibit your resume, belief system, other groups, etc. However, people do like to know your website, blog, eBay or Etsy link, and the site where you store your personal photos, for instance.

6. Include in your signature where you are from. Canada and California both share CA, so since Canada is shorter, and Canadians are so nice and polite, perhaps your country should be spelled out; or maybe you can write CAN. Also, many names are common, so your last name or an identifier, like Long Tall Sally from CA or Sally E. from Laredo TX, will help distinguish you.

7. You may include photo attachments in a message, (NO VIDEOS).
     b. Include a link if you have added it to your album.

We encourage you to set up an outside photo storage place of your own as we may ask that some be removed from albums after a certain period of time due to cost concerns. Attached photos will go in the Emailed Photos Album in the Photos section, which will be cleared after a year.

CampOn is not considered a photo storing service; rather it is a place for showing what inspires you, what you are planning, what you are working on, what you have completed.

For more details, see How To Use CampOn Photos in our Files.

8. CampOn honors copyrights. Any activities or projects using any part of the CampOn identity MUST originate from or be approved by the moderators. Posts belong to the writer and cannot be reproduced elsewhere (including cut and pasted or forwarded) without permission. We welcome information concerning all miniature magazines.
 We are not grammar police, nor do we make judgments about
 how we speak or write. We are always delighted to hear from everybody, so even though your original language
 may not be English, don’t be hesitant about posting. Your English may be better than that of native speakers!
9. Keep selling to a minimum - there are other lists for this. You can mention items on eBay or Etsy and post the link. You can mention items for sale and ask those interested to email you privately. You can mention a price or two. Do not send spam to members. Hopefully, you are in our group to help and participate, not just to sell. CampOn supports your marketing and selling efforts and appreciates your compliance with the guidelines.

10. Members are presumed to be responsible adults and all sales and swaps between individuals are to be made in good faith and are not the responsibility of the group.

11. Other guidelines as needed. You are encouraged to explore all the options on our website. For any questions contact

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