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CampOn (short for Camp Onward) is a world-wide community of miniaturists, who are serious about dollhouse miniatures and also very caring of each other. We were formerly known for many years as The Camp in Yahoo groups. To learn how to use CampOn features such as #Hashtags, Photos, Files, Calendar, and Databases, please look at the instructions in the *How To's for CampOn* folder under the Files menu item on the left.  The banner miniature is: Friday evening room by Jonathan David   .
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  • CampOn | Events / Approve events - no membership!
    For submittal of calendar events in main group. THIS IS NOT AN ACTIVE GROUP. MEMBERSHIP CLOSED.
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  • CampOn | ShowandTell / Show and Tell
    group for chit chat. Like Camp’s S&T, keep minis in main group and everything else here.
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